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The Spirit Guild is a collection of artists, weirdos, and dreamers

Located in Los Angeles'
Art District

Dedicated to celebrating the fruits and flavors of California through the traditional art of distillation.

Their tasting room and distillery are situated in Los Angeles’ Arts District on a site where once thrived the state’s first commercial vineyards and orange groves, just blocks from the scenic Los Angeles River.


Miller Duvall
Founder / President

Miller was born and raised in agriculture.  His family has been farming in California for six generations. When Miller worked as a bartender in San Francisco, he noticed something: despite the dozens of bottles behind the bar, there was nothing there that was truly Californian. He envisioned a line of spirits made entirely from Californian produce, that would capture the flavors, feelings, and abundance of the orchards and fields he knew so well. Thus, he began the process of experimentation. Working through several growing seasons, he fermented and distilled everything available to him, oftentimes with the generous support of neighboring farmers. Through their efforts The Spirit Guild was born.
Currently drinking: Astral Pacific Gin Old Fashioned

Andy Lardy
Head Distiller

According to family legend, Head Distiller Andrew Lardy cut his teeth on brandy and baby back rib bones. Those flavors lingered long enough to nudge him away from a career in neuropsychology research in favor of something more palatable. “I wanted to taste my research,” he explains, "and I was far better at bootlegging hard cider!” Andrew graduated from Fresno State’s Viticulture and Enology program in 2013 and spent the next four years making wine from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles. In 2017 he co-founded Wonderwerk House of Fermentation, the multifaceted wine and beverage company behind Discovino and Free Your Mind. Immediately following Wonderwerk’s first harvest in the fall of 2017, Andrew packed his car and moved to L.A. to apprentice under founding distiller Morgan McLachlan. Andrew assumed the role of Head Distiller in 2019. He is an avid cook, a die-hard hockey fan, and a champion of The Spirit Guild’s mantra “All is Possible!”
Currently drinking: Astral Pacific Gin / Vapid Vodka Vesper

Tiana Harris
Director of Content, Diversity, and Inclusion

Energetic, bubbly, and eccentric, Tiana worked in the fashion industry as a stylist prior to transitioning into distilling in 2019. Starting off as a bottler, they worked hard and quickly became the Spirit Guild's Assistant Distiller. Tiana has been most excited about the many things there is to learn in distilling. "From one project to the next, I'm thrilled to learn the ins and outs of the industry.”

Robin Chopra
Ambassador / Development Director

“What should I drink?” is a question Robin Chopra gets, a lot. And for good reason: he’s been a devotee to craft cocktails and their transformative powers his entire adult life. He started his career with his underground catering outfit, Whim Kitchen, hosting 8 course punk rock dinner parties with his Chef partner out of an East Hollywood apartment. That led to the opening of his pioneering cocktail bar & restaurant, Corazon Y Miel. Through blood, sweat & cocktail shakers he and his team earned spots on Jonathon Gold’s 101 list, Zagat’s 30 under 30, and Esquire’s Best Bars in America. Following his entrepreneurial pursuits Robin further entrenched himself in the scene winning mixology competitions, directing bar programs, brand advocacy and large scale festival cocktail ops (Coachella, Outside Lands, FYF fest & more).

An “artist, dreamer, and weirdo” at heart; the Spirit Guild’s remarkable distillery and innovative spirits have deeply inspired him since he first stumbled through their eccentric tasting room doors. He is the company’s lead on all things advocacy, mixology, and brand development.

Oh also he once ate dinner and shared conversation with the late, great, Anthony Bourdain for the LA episode of “Parts Unknown” where he managed to not throw up because he was so nervous. So there’s that.

Currently drinking: Astral Pacific Gin White Negroni

The Spirit Guild Manifesto:
  • Create magical communal experience
  • Redefine traditional distillation methods
  • Share the innovative spirit and natural abundance of California

No part of the process is outsourced.