Spirit Guild Blog

A note from our founder

Miller Duvall
June 9, 2021

It was a big project designing our distillery and tasting room - there a lot of factors to consider. There were aesthetic factors, of course, but we also had practical concerns about storage, power distribution, etc. From the very beginning, however, one thing was clear: we knew we wanted windows, lots of them. It was important to us that the curious, the passerby, drinkers and nondrinkers alike, be able to look right into our distillery and see what was going on inside. You see, the more we learned about the spirits business, the more we realized that many brands would prefer that you do not know how their spirits are made. We wanted to take the opposite approach.

Around this time, we were lucky to enough to meet Megan Whitmarsh. Not only did she become our friend, she became The Spirit Guild’s resident artist. Megan introduced us to Judson Studios, the west coast’s preeminent stained glass studio. All of a sudden, not only were our windows going to be plentiful, they were going to be beautiful too. Yet, despite the incredible array of colors and textures we selected, we made sure to include enough panels of plain and perfectly-clear tempered glass to encourage people to look inside and see transformative processes we use to create magical spirits from locally-sourced clementine juice.

We also knew back then that we wanted our website to have a blog that would share updates and occasional philosophical musings. We are only getting around to doing that now. Maybe it works out better that way; now, we have more stories to tell and there are more voices here at the Guild to tell them. I hope you’ll enjoy this new window we are opening up into The Spirit Guild.

- Miller Duvall, Founder of The Spirit Guild