The Spirit Guild is a Los Angeles distillery dedicated to transforming local fruits and flavors into unique spirits. For instance, our flagships brands, Astral Pacific Gin and Vapid Vodka, are entirely distilled from clementines grown in California’s Central Valley. When you taste our spirits, you’ll see that it makes perfect sense that The Spirit Guild was founded by a sixth-generation California farmer.

The Spirit Guild is a craft distillery… but what exactly does “craft” mean? For us, it means that all fermentation, distillation, proofing, etc. is done in house. It also means that we don’t filter our products, nor do we use any additives like glycerin.

Recently, The Spirit Guild has begun making hand sanitizer in order to fight COVID-19, with much of our production allocated to local charities.

You can purchase our spirits and sanitizer here:

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(Our spirits can only be sold in the state of California - drop us a line at [email protected] for information how to get our bottles if you live elsewhere)

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