Distilled from
California Citrus

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Welcome to The Spirit Guild!

Founded by a 6th-generation family farmer, The Spirit Guild is a craft distillery dedicated to transforming local fruits and flavors into unparalleled spirits.

Our flagship brands, Astral Pacific Gin and Vapid Vodka, are distilled entirely from clementine citrus grown in California’s Central Valley.

The Spirit Guild proudly distills our products in the Art's District neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles.

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Full Body, Soft Texture,
Distilled From Clementines

| Vodka is, by definition, neutral. However, when this traditionally vapid spirit is distilled entirely
from a base of clementines, it cannot help but reveal its sunny heritage.

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Gin in the classic style,
Distilled from
California citrus

| All gins start with a base spirit. Typically, it is grain-based and industrially manufactured to be as flavorless as possible. Astral Pacific Gin's base spirit is made from clementines which allows for a silky brandy like structure and a greater definition of it’s botanical flavors.

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The Spirit Guild is a Craft Distillery...

But what does "Craft" Mean? It means different things, to different people.

For us it means:

  • our spirits are distilled from plants that are grown locally
  • all steps in the process (except juicing - we leave that to the experts) are done by the Guild: fermentation, distillation, proofing, and bottling
  • we never filter our spirits
  • we do not add glycerin or other additives to our spirits